Thursday, March 10, 2011

最初の賞 , First Award

Thursday, March 10, 2011
This is kinda the result of my work on this blog. Thanks to my friend Ami who gave me this beautiful appreciation. I promise i'm gonna do better to enhance the performance of my blog so that i can get another awards.. ^_^

Once again thanks to Ami san... right now i'm overwhelmed with gratitude... hehehe
And anyway, She made me share 8 things about me as i received this award.
1. I am a person who don't like to show my feeling in front of people, let people think i am a cheer person.
2. I don't like a person who take care other people business
3. I like travelling, especially to a place that I never been before
4. I like photography a lot not only as a photographer but also as a model.. (blushing.. hihi)
5. My favorite place is beach
6. I wish I have a friendship like a meredith has in the "Grey Anatomy" serial
7. My favorite sport is swimming as i can do all of the style except for butterfly style (it feel heavy to lift my butt.. lol...)
8. The worse atitude is I don't care other peoples' feeling and I don't even can feel how they might feel when I said something good or bad.. (sorry for that friends...)



good job~! =D
tapi, list share ke yang lain jgn lupa..^^


iya yah... tapi aq ga tau mau share ke sapa, lum banyak kawan.. :D

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