Friday, August 26, 2011

Modern Acehnese Wedding Party

Friday, August 26, 2011
This event was held on July 22nd. It was an evening party. It is not a typical acehnese wedding party as usually Aceh's people has a wedding on a bright sunny day. (morning till afternoon). Perhaps, it is because of the lack of time since nowadays people are so busy working at their office. This wedding was in Jakarta, and there's no doubt why we have this party at night. However, we, who still live in Aceh, still maintain the habitual wedding party, that is at noon.
Anyway, before i talk to much lets see how it look like:

Acehnese Traditional Wedding Dress




Farissi Momiji

wadooooww... the wedding party so luxurious =D


that was a lavish one dear.. :)


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Arum Dhesti Kinasih

Mrs.Ulfa.. If you don't mind, may i ask you more about the wedding organizer who made this decoration of Acehnese wedding party? Thank you very much.

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